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“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” - Hippocrates, 431 B.C.

Hippocrates is considered to be the ``father of modern medicine``, coining the Hippocratic oath which doctors still recite to this day upon graduating medical school, promising to ``first, do no harm``. This can be quickly forgotten, as well-intentioned physicians tend to prescribe medications that can be harmful to the body and the wallet, before suggesting dietary and lifestyle changes that can cure and prevent chronic conditions.

I am a Dr. Miranda Graham, a general practitioner who takes an integrative approach to medicine and evidence-based nutrition. I work with my patients to teach them how to improve their lives with a plant-based diet so that they can feel better, lose weight and be able to suspend medications they take when and if this is possible.

Where I practice medicine, in Costa Rica, we are all about pure life (pura vida). You can live a pure life too, and I can guide you through the process.

Integrative and Evidence-Based Medicine

Dr. Graham takes an integrative approach to medicine, viewing each individual as a whole, considering nutrition and lifestyle choices as well as medical history before prescribing medications.

Patient-Doctor Relationship

Miranda takes pride in forming a professional rapport with her patients, opening lines of communication between consultations to answer any questions you may have during your journey.

Great Information

She will provide you with the latest evidence-based information on nutrition, exercise, healthy practices and habits, teaching you how to take control of your own health.

Up-to-Date on Plant-Based Medicine

Many physicians are not up-to-date on the benefits of a plant-based diet. If you feel your doctor is not knowledgeable in nutrition, consultations with The Pure Doctor are perfect for you

Cruelty Free

Whether you are new to a vegan lifestyle or have been practicing this kind way of life for years, the Vegan MD can equip you with the tools necessary to take control of your health, from meal planning to eating out, for you and your children. Veganism isn’t a scary endeavor that you have to wade alone.

Fluent in three languages

Consultations can be given in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.
Tips on Reading the Nutrition Label
  • Tips on Reading the Nutrition Label

    I take you to a grocery store in Costa Rica and give tips on how to know how processed food items may be, what to look for and what to avoid while living a WFPB lifestyle.


Start your Journey

To a whole food plant-based diet for optimal health.

Exercise Daily

To boost your metabolism, immune system and improve your health.

Manage Stress

Help your mind and body be in harmony, prevent disease, strengthen your relationship with yourself and others.

Reach Your Goals

Set realistic short-term goals for yourself in order to reach your long-term goals.

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