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Dr. Miranda Graham

I take you to a grocery store in Costa Rica and give tips on how to know how processed food items may be, what to look for and what to avoid while living a WFPB lifestyle.

Miranda Graham, MD, General Practitioner, emphasizing in Evidence-Based Nutrition and Integrative Medicine.

I am a plant-based and vegan doctor graduated from the University of Medical Sciences (Universidad de Ciencias Médicas) in Costa Rica where they are all about Pure Life, or “Pura Vida”.

The desert of Chandler, Arizona in the United States is where I called home until the age of 13 when my parents decided to move my family to San José, Costa Rica.

Veganism has been an important part of my life and philosophy since I was young,
becoming a vegetarian at the age of 11 after realizing that the bacon I was eating came from the torture of the same pigs that I thought were so sweet and cute. A couple of years later I ditched the dairy and eggs and became completely plant-based,incorporating cruelty-free products in my practices as well whenever possible.

The first few years that I was vegan, however, I did not live the healthy lifestyle that I lead today. My diet included a lot of processed foods, high in oil, sugar, and salt; and my weight, skin and energy levels reflected that. No amount of physical activity helped me lose weight or feel better, counting and restricting my calories did not work for me either.

When I realized the problem was what I was eating and not how much, and that a whole food plant-based diet was the best way to have optimal health, I changed my ways and lost about 45 pounds (20 kg). Being able to do this without restricting the amount of food I was eating was novel to me after having been counting calories and macros since I
was 12 years old. As long as it is a whole, unprocessed plant food, I eat as much as I
want until I no longer feel hungry.

With so much scientific research supporting this lifestyle, as well as my own personal experience, I decided to have this be the center of my medical practice so that I could
help my patients live healthier lives, preventing, treating and in many cases curing
chronic diseases with nutrition, while also saving the lives of animals.

I have a private practice in San José, Costa Rica and am the source of reference for the Vegan Parenting and Pregnancy website. I also do telemedicine consultations to help people from all around the world to live a happy and pure life.

Dr. Miranda Graham Founder

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Fluent in three languages Consultations can be given in English, Spanish, or Portuguese.

Cruelty Free

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